RosaNegra Cabo is opening


RosaNegra has arrived to Cabo, its concept is a tribute to Latin American culture and passion for exquisite food that delight your senses through sophisticated spaces, elegant décor and an exceptional culinary experience. 

Its spaces replicate the style of other RosaNegra restaurants in Mexico, but projecting an atmosphere that reflects the personality of Cabo, adjusting to its nightlife scene. 

The exquisite menu is inspired by gastronomic traditions from countries such as Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and of course Mexico, creating an eclectic combination of authentic and daring flavors. 

Its cuisine is creative, risky and full of interesting nuances, which are fused with exotic exclusive ingredients such as Ora King Salmon, Super Colossal Octopus, Nigerian Tiger Shrimp or Alaskan King Crab Clusters. You can also find premium beef cuts, Kobe Beef, Wagyu and Black Market, as well as a wide variety of Argentinean cuts with USDA prime quality. 

RosaNegra fuses tradition with innovation, offering the best dishes created with beef steak and seafood of unparalleled quality, which you can pair with its high-level mixology. Each drink is a work of art and projects a story to pair  your nights of celebration and party.  

Its high level entertainment, live music and the Resident DJ will add a special touch to your night, because more than a dinner, visiting RosaNegra Cabo is a culinary and sensory experience that you should not miss.