Aug 28, 2020


Peru hides a little culinary paradise places among the most exquisite in the world, opening a broad horizon for Latin American fod. This cuisine breathes creativity, reinvention and good taste.

This gastronomic corner has original ingredients that have evolved to offer unique dishes. Duck rice, Sautéed tenderloin, hen aji, tiraditos, ceviche are all characteristic of Peruvian eating.

Considered the birthplace of potatoes, they are considered an elemental part of traditional Peruvian Recipes, not only for their particular taste but because there are more than 3000 kinds of potatoes from Peru! Peruvian lands are dressed on colors with Amazonic dishes such as pachamana, patasca  and ocopa. Peru has an incredibly fertile ecosystem and that reflects on each of their dishes. For aphrodisiac food seekers, Peruvian food has two important attributes: taste and aroma.

Seafood and spice are unique ingredients to generate physical reactions and elevate your temperature. One of these exotic and coveted ingredients is Leche de tigre.  An aphrodisiac concentrate from Peru, this dish takes its name from its whitish color, similar to milk, and considered as powerful as a tiger. Tiger’s milk is the juice obtained from marinating ceviche. Commonly known as Peruvian Viagra, with a slightly bitter and spicy flavor. Undoubtedly we will talk about this in depth in future posts.

Part of the fun in tasting Peruvian food is realizing how much you don’t know and the opportunity of finding new flavors, the charm of Peruvian food is because it is a reflection of Peru’s beautiful regions that go from a variety of dishes to fabulous tastes, smells and colors that awake an infinity of sensations in your palate. For all of these reasons, Peruvian cuisine is an experience that deserves celebration, tribute and merriment.

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