Welcome RosaNegra Satélite

The Grupo RosaNegra family is still growing and we have a new location in Mexico City. If you have not visited our restaurant in Polanco due to the location or long distances, now, we’re closer to you so you can experience the concept we’ve created for you. 


Reasons to visit RosaNegra Satélite:


  1. Get to know one of the most chic and trendy restaurants in CDMX. Come and find out for yourself what the great fuss and fame around RosaNegra is all about. Nothing like living the experience, knowing its spaces, trying its dishes, enjoying its music and live shows. Visiting RosaNegra is something you need to experience at least once in your life. 
  2. Discover flavors from Latin American gastronomy. Travel through flavors, textures and aromas. Without catching a flight, RosaNegra allows you to reach different countries such as Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and of course Mexico. Discover the best kept secrets of international cuisines, try exotic condiments and recipes but with a gourmet take, you will not find anywhere else. Dare to try different flavors and find new favorites on our menu. 
  3. Try Dishes with exclusive ingredients. RosaNegra Satélite has exclusive ingredients from all over the world to add an avant-garde touch to its dishes. Try the Ora King Salmon, Super Colossal octopus, Nigerian Tiger Shrimp, Giant Crab Claws or the Alaskan King Crab Cluster. Premium ingredients you will not find in many places in Mexico that are worth tasting to pamper your palate.
  4. Unprecedented mixology. Rosanegra’s mixology is simply spectacular. The combinations, premium spirits, the creativity of our mixologists and their expertise is present in each drink. Our glasses, decoration and of course the flavors of our cocktails are simply exceptional. Come live a sensory experience with our mixology. 
  5. The Golden Head awarded by the Kobe Beef Association. RosaNegra is one of the few restaurants in Mexico City where you can enjoy certified Kobe Beef. Try this exclusive delicacy, coveted and desired by many beef cut enthusiasts. Its marbling, flavor and smooth texture will conquer your palate. 


In addition to everything mentioned above, the service is spectacular, our staff is highly trained to offer you the culinary experience you deserve. 

End your evening with the ambiance of our Latin music and live shows, without a doubt RosaNegra Satélite is the best option to celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries and any special occasion in your life.

RosaNegra Satélite awaits!