Aug 28, 2020


One of the most coveted items on Fine cuisine worldwide is Tiger’s milk. Fish cooked by lime acidity creates this classic of Peruvian cuisine.

Traditionally it’s known as “ceviche broth” a milky liquid that is the result of marinating raw fish, citrus and onion, making it one of the most delicious sea specialties in the gastronomy world.  Tiger’s milk will undoubtedly seduce your discerning palate.

Its name comes from the alluring moves of Tigers and its charming White color. “Peruvian Viagra” creates endless passionate sensations, being a concentrate of aphrodisiac properties.

This delicacy was considered a waste, until some restaurants realized that it possessed an intense and refreshing taste. Lime, fish, red onion, cilantro and ají (Peruvian pepper) fuse to deliver a must in Peruvian gastronomy.


Its texture will depend on the amount of fumet that is added, the ideal way to consume it is with a Little bit of spice. This culinary delicacy has evolved to offer endless possibilities by using different fish and seafood and flavored by different fruits

Tiger´s milk is one of many examples of the versatility of the best restaurants to reinvent traditional recipes of Latin American Cuisine.

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