RosaNegra Satélite: the best place for business evenings

RosaNegra Satélite has become the venue for many business lunches, meetings or after office drinks, thanks to its versatility, extraordinary spaces and wonderful menu. 

One of the great advantages of this venue is its location, which is very close to several buildings, large companies and many offices, making it the ideal place for those business meetings or meetings between colleagues.

RosaNegra Satélite is a tribute to Latin American culture, it’s inspired by countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Mexico; each dish was designed to create an extraordinary sensory experience, its concept seeks to evoke the roots of different cuisines and elevate iconic dishes and present them in an exceptional way at your table.

Over the years, the restaurant has been recognized as one of the best in the country, thanks to its impressive facilities, design and decor, unbeatable locations, as well as the design of its menu that seeks a perfect balance between classic dishes and innovative recipes with exclusive products. 

Each RosaNegra maintains the quality and level of service that distinguishes it, however each unit has a different touch to offer you a diverse and fascinating atmosphere. In the case of Satélite, it has focused a lot on family evenings and business meetings. Its quieter spaces are perfect for having conversations while enjoying exquisite dishes, trying new cocktails and living great moments with your favorite people. 

Enjoy ceviches, sashimis and tiraditos, the freshest fish and the most select steak cuts in the world such as Kobe Beef and Wagyu, salads, rice dishes and fascinating desserts. In case you have a special event, we can also design a special menu for your group, at RosaNegra everything is possible.

Remember that you can celebrate birthdays, family meals, anniversaries, as well as after office drinks, business meetings or work events. Discover all the facets of our brand and spend great afternoons and evenings at RosaNegra. 

Live exceptional moments, enjoy a first class culinary experience and close your best deals in one of the best restaurants in Mexico City and remember that you can also visit RosaNegra Polanco or discover other culinary concepts such as Parole, Chambao or Taboo CDMX