RosaNegra Satélite among the most romantic restaurants in CDMX

OpenTable is the leading platform for making online reservations at the best restaurants in Mexico. Users interact within the platform and make reviews and opinions about their favorite places to offer helpful information to other diners. 

With the recent information obtained, OpenTable made a list of the 50 most romantic restaurants in Mexico City and RosaNegra appears on this list. 

According to their website: "Food is a language of love, and when served in a cozy atmosphere or in a private room by candlelight, they set the spark. For those looking for a gastronomic experience, you can start with the most romantic restaurants in all of Mexico, selected from the analysis of more than 350,000 diner reviews." 

RosaNegra Satélite has the same essence of the iconic RosaNegra restaurants, but this location has a different magic and atmosphere. In this case, it’s distinguished by its tranquility and family atmosphere, it’s ideal for birthday celebrations, business lunches and romantic dinners, as OpenTable mentions. 

RosaNegra pays tribute to Latin American culture and creates interesting recipes with its most iconic dishes, elevating diverse cuisines to a moment of greatness and creativity that deserves to be shared at the table with your favorite people.


The menu references Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and of course Mexico, the flavors are spectacular and the presentations even more extraordinary. The flavors and evenings are accompanied by entertainment that enlivens your moments, without overshadowing your special celebrations. 

If you’re planning a romantic dinner, this is the ideal place, you will feel special from the moment you arrive and its spaces will wrap you in every detail. More than a lunch or dinner, RosaNegra is a culinary experience, where you can try new dishes and do something different as a couple. Enjoy that feeling of novelty and grandeur that distinguishes the brand and create unforgettable memories with us. 


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