Aug 28, 2020


For over 400 years, pisco has been one of Peru’s signature drinks; growing Pisco Grapes, which produce wine and aguardiente of traditional Pisco. Pisco became very trendy lately for its energetic freshness, quality and distinctive personality.

To appreciate a good pisco, you must use all your senses. With your sight, you look for clarity, shine and density, with the sense of smell you must feel the fruit, the sweetness over the alcohol, with the sense of taste; the smoothness while it travels through your throat. That is how pisco talks to your heart.

Rosa Negra proudly welcomes one of the most important Peruvian mixologists. Graduated from Peru’s Le Cordon Blue School, Roberto Meléndez, has been mixing the best pisco sour in the world for the past 20 years.

Meléndez visits Mexico during the Viva Peru gastronomic festival, to demonstrate why his technique and talent have fascinated thousands of good drinking enthusiasts.

Meléndez began his career out of necessity but he carries talent in his genes. His father, famous bartender “Chino” Meléndez was recognized for satiating the thirst of celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway and John Wayne.

 “In every pisco creation, I involve my personal and sentimental life, which takes me back to my father. This has led me to make the best pisco in the world. The importance of recognizing smells and flavors is the purest expression of grapes and the soil where they grow” explains Meléndez remembering his beginnings.

Meléndez is ready to please your palate with the specialties that have made him world famous. From the way he takes the shaker, never measuring his ingredients, his moves and charisma make Melendez a mixology spectacle.

So. ..What is the secret to create the best pisco? No secrets; the art of pisco sour is the passion when one makes it” he smiles. Meléndez has mixed thousands of times his trademark cocktail; sets all the ingredients on the bar and in 30 seconds (!) he makes the best pisco sour in the world! Exuberant, Vibrant, with personality.

 Rosa Negra invites you to treat yourself to the best of Latin American Gastronomy, accompanied by a delicious PISCO ROSA NEGRA, in an unforgettable experience in an upscale atmosphere.

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