Celebrate your birthday at RosaNegra Satelite

Birthdays are special moments because they are the ideal occasion to look back on all the achievements, milestones, obstacles and lessons over the past year. It's a special time because you get to celebrate another year and still be surrounded by your favorite people. 

If you’re about to have a birthday, it's time to gather your family, eat your favorite dishes and celebrate in style. 

For several years, RosaNegra has been synonymous with party and celebration, its nights in Cancun, Tulum and Los Cabos are simply amazing for their Latin essence, live happenings and privileged locations. 

Each RosaNegra seeks to add something to the city and area where it arrives, in the case of Satélite, it aims to create not only amazing nights, but also extraordinary evenings with your loved ones; lunch time can be memorable too. 

RosaNegra Satélite seeks to explore a more familiar side with birthday celebrations and become the favorite spot for special occasions in your life. Find exclusive dishes and flavors that you won't find anywhere else, with inspiration from the most fascinating cuisines of Latin America such as Argentine, Colombian, Brazilian, Peruvian and of course, Mexican. The menu will take you on a journey of sensations, offering you options to share, exquisite ceviches, the best cuts of steak and great combinations of haute cuisine with ingredients that you never imagined were so exquisite. 

Discover signature mixology with flavors and conceptual themes that will surprise your senses, as well as the most spectacular desserts in Mexico City. 

If you’re looking for a restaurant to celebrate birthdays in Satélite, RosaNegra is the perfect option. Picture this: book your favorite space, gather your family and best friends and live a truly amazing culinary experience that you will want to repeat next year.

Your birthday celebration deserves only the best, and RosaNegra Satelite has it all, the best facilities, high level service, truly unique dishes and a great atmosphere with live happenings that will make you have a memorable moment. 

Book your table in advance and let mealtime become a true celebration that you will never forget.