Aug 28, 2020


Carabineros Prawns’ followers have increased due to their intense “sea flavor”, their delicious taste and texture, the extra touch is in the hands of the chefs and their creativity, who will always try to heighten their rich flavor and texture.

Besides their taste, another factor that make them a highly coveted crustacean is their intense color and the fact that they are hard to catch.

They are very similar to their langoustine cousins but their size of almost 30 centimeters makes them extravagant. These shellfish live on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Atlantic. Their diet consists on plankton and seaweed.

Their meat is delicious but it is their head where the flavor is concentrated. Due to their low caloric content is very high in protein. Their meat is firm, tender and very tasty. They are a real delicacy and have received recognition and appreciation from the world thanks to the talent of award winning Chefs.

If we have stirred the curiosity to try an intense Sea flavor or if your mouth is watering with anticipation, just try them at Rosanegra.

Rosanegra serves the charcoal grilled, Spaniard style which is accompanied by a sherry shot to intensify their flavor. A recipe that will surprise you for the interesting mix of flavors. Simply delicious!!!

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