Aug 28, 2020


Ora King Salmon, from New Zealand, represents 0,7% of world’s salmon population. It is internationally considered as the peak of salmon and it is very popular among connoisseurs and professional chefs.

Ora King is the first and only salmon to obtain the Green Choice certificate from Seafood Watch. This certifies that is a sustainable resource. Its breeding is one of the most sustainable

Harmony of the inhospitable

Oddly enough, the qualities of this fish come from the inhospitable conditions that they live in. The extreme weather of New Zealand and freezing waters, provide the fish with a delicious harmony between its characteristic flavor and unbeatable texture.

Ora King salmon has a beautiful vibrant orange color, contrasting with the deep thick lines of the rest of its body. This salmon is extremely attractive and a delight for your taste buds.

Compared to different kinds of Salmon, Ora King has the highest content of oil. This reduces the risk of overcooking it. This salmon possesses an elegant balance of sweet notes that combine perfectly with ingredients from many cuisines.

It is a pleasure to eat Ora King! Its muscular structure makes It a tender fish, easy to cut and very light in your mouth

Versatility as a culinary quality

We also need to add that this is a fish that allows to create different presentations, making it a very versatile in the kitchen: in a thick cut or grilled with Olive oil and Sea salt

Very seldom a product can have so many properties: for health, sustainability for our planet and of course for gastronomy for its delicious flavor Don’t miss the opportunity to try the Ora King creation RosaNegra has for you!!

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