RosaNegra® is a space that exudes freedom, a tribute to Latin American cuisine. Our eclectic menu includes gastronomic traditions from countries like Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, showcasing authentic and daring flavours.

Interior Rosa Negra Tulum Ceviche Peruano - Rosa Negra
Mixologia 'El Cartel' - Rosa Negra

Bar - Rosa Negra CDMX

We are passionate about using high-quality products and fresh ingredients which are brought in daily from their source countries.

Cortes calidad Prime - Rosa Negra

Premium steaks; Kobe Beef and Wagyu Beef, as well as a wide selection of Argentinian cuts in USDA prime quality; all charcoal grilled.

Productos gourmet - RosaNegra®.

Exotic and exclusive gourmet products such as Ora King salmon, Super colossal octopus, Nigerian Tiger shrimp, Giant crab claws or Alaskan King Crab cluster.

Pescado Don Ricardo - Rosa Negra

Wide assortment of ceviche and tiradito, as well as fish and seafood prepared in many different recipes from Peruvian and Mexican gastronomy.

Mixologia 'GIN' - Rosa Negra
Carajillo - Rosa NegraCarta de Vinos - Rosa Negra

Beautifully presented artisan cocktails are also part of the experience, made using our signature infusions and natural ingredients as well as spectacular presentations that make you admire them before tasting them.

Our wine list, comprising over 300 bottles from different parts of the world, carefully selected to pair with all the different menu items.

A mix of contemporary beats and Latin influences by our resident DJ, compliment the festive and sophisticated atmosphere that represents RosaNegra.

Percussions, Sparklers and different shows liven up each location, creating an energy-charged atmosphere, awakening that Latin passion for living and enjoying life.


RosaNegra® has currently 4 locations. They all share the same quality, but each one with a unique personality and atmosphere. With a decoration adapted to each destination, they were all designed with a unique style by architect Jorge Borja, UNESCO´s Versailles Architecture award winner.

Passion for living and good food, amazing music, and the best company make RosaNegra® a real Latin corner, with a bit of spice and desire to enjoy life.

The extraordinary culinary experience at RosaNegra® is appreciated by food lovers. Thanks to our customers, it is the restaurant with the most reservations on Open Table, and awarded by TripAdvisor with the Certificate of excellence 2019, recommended as one of the best restaurants in Mexico.

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